North London Partners in health and care

Our Aims

There are many health and care problems in our North London community including high rates of childhood obesity and mental illness.  Too many people are treated in hospital for long-term conditions when they could be better managed in the community. Waiting times to see a specialist and for diagnostic tests are long.  Attendance levels at A&E departments are high and it is becoming more difficult to recruit staff. 

To help us improve services and to reduce the pressure on the health and care system we aim to:

  • increase our prevention programmes with the aim of supporting people to stay well and when people become unwell, to recover quickly
  • partner with people and organisations to help our residents to remain independent for as long as possible as they age, and to have more control over their own health and wellbeing
  • give our children and their mothers, families and their care givers the right support so they can have the best possible start in life
  • provide care closer to home so people only go to hospital when it is clinically necessary
  • give mental health services equal priority to physical health services
  • improve our cancer services
  • provide a consistent standard of care available to everyone and reduce variation
  • attract people to live and to work in North London so we have the best possible workforce to deliver high quality services to our community

We regularly attend the Joint Health Oversight and Scrutiny Committee meetings.  As part of our work with the JHOSC, we have agreed a number of principles to guide the NCL process:

  • Put the needs of individual patients, carers, residents and communities truly at the centre;
  • Recognise that local patients, carers, residents and communities themselves are a resource for knowledge, for information, for understanding and for change; work with patients, residents and communities to harness their strengths;
  • Trust and empower local patients, carers, residents and communities to drive change and deliver sustainable improvements;
  • Co-design, co-produce and co-deliver services and programmes with local patients, carers, residents and communities;
  • Focus on building resilient patients, carers, residents and communities -and on where resources can have the biggest sustainable impact.