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STP Governance - archived August 2020

Note: The webpage relating to Governance of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) was archived in August 2020.

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The STP developed a governance structure to enable NHS and local government partners to work together in new ways. The objectives of our governance arrangements were to:

  • Support effective collaboration and trust between commissioners, providers, political leaders and the general public to work together to deliver improved health and care outcomes more effectively and reduce health inequalities across the North London system;
  • Provide a robust framework for system level decision making, and clarity on where and how decisions are made on the development and implementation of the North London STP;
  • Provide greater clarity on system level accountabilities and responsibilities for the North London STP;
  • Enable opportunities to innovate, share best practice and maximise sharing of resources across organisations in North London; and
  • Enable collaboration between partner organisations to achieve system level financial balance over the remaining 3 years of the Five Year Forward View timeframe and deliver the agreed system control total, while safeguarding the autonomy of organisations. 

The North London Programme Delivery Board oversaw delivery of the plan. This was an executive steering group made up of a cross section of representatives from across North London. This group was specifically responsible for providing accountability for the implementation of the workstream plans. Membership included the Senior Responsible Officers (SRO) of each workstream and SRO leads for CCGs, Providers and Local Authorities.

Two subgroups provided advice to the Programme Delivery Board: the Health and Care Cabinet (formerly the Clinical Cabinet) and the Finance and Activity Modelling Group.

The Health and Care Cabinet met monthly to provide clinical and professional steer, input and challenge to each of the workstreams as they developed. Membership consisted of the five CCG Chairs, the eight Medical Directors, clinical leads from across the workstreams, three nursing representatives from across the footprint, Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions representatives, a representative for the Directors of Public Health and representatives for the Directors of Adult Social Services and the Directors of Children’s Services respectively.  

The Finance and Activity Modelling Group was attended by the Finance Directors from all organisations (commissioners and providers). This group currently met fortnightly, to oversee the finance and activity modelling of the workstream plans as they developed.

The workstreams were responsible for developing proposals and delivery plans in the core priority areas and feed into the overarching governance framework. Every workstream had its own governance arrangements and meeting cycles were designed to meet their respective specific requirements, depending on the core stakeholders involved.

The STP Advisory Board enabled a collective partnership approach, and acted as the ‘sounding board’ for the implementation of the STP plans. The membership of this group included Local Authority leaders, NHS Chairs, and Healthwatch. 

In addition to the above governance groups, CEOs and other relevant executive directors and stakeholder representatives met quarterly for executive leadership events to enable continued engagement and momentum, regular communication, and to assist with resolving any programme delivery issues identified by the programme delivery board.


Governance structure

Follow this link to view a detailed governance handbook including the terms of reference for all of the governance groups. 

Programme Delivery Board minutes

Health and Care Cabinet minutes