North London Partners in health and care

Opt out form

We ask you to think carefully before opting out of this scheme. Sharing your health and social care information will make it easier for services to provide the best treatment and care for you.  There is information on this website about why this is so important. 

We need your NHS number to process your request

If you don’t know your NHS number please visit: how-can-i-find-out-my-nhs-number/ or ask your GP practice.


Please download our opt-out form and either print it and complete it using a pen, or complete it on your computer as a form. The form requires your signature.

How to return the form

To return the form please put it in the post, using the FREEPOST address provided.  FREEPOST NLP – JOINED UP CARE RECORD

Please DO NOT email the form to us once you have completed it as your personal email address may not be a secure way to send personal information. 

You will receive confirmation on receipt of your request. Please contact us if you would like to check this or do not receive this.

For enquiries and questions contact: or call our enquiry line on: 020 3688 1900