North London Partners in health and care

Improved optimisation of Electronic Staff Record

North London Partners are working together to make it easier for staff to hit the ground running when they start new roles in any of north central London trusts.  The aim is to standardise Mandatory and Statutory Training (MaST), while enabling the training records to become portable between Trusts.

 This has been achieved by working collaboratively, and through a sustained cultural change programme, with recruitment leads and learning and development leads to: 

  • enable the portability of training data, through greater sharing of training records electronically across Trusts
  • improve the user experience, for example making it easy for staff to see the training they have to do and being able to reset their own passwords
  • make better use of staff time within recruitment and learning and development by standardising practices, reducing work-arounds and improving system knowledge
  • streamline induction across NCL by ensuring greater consistency with the MaST modules delivered online, which are now accessible remotely, generating greater flexibility and choice for staff about when they complete outstanding training
  • implement standardised expectations around the completion of online MaST and potentially remove online training from corporate induction programmes
  • enable the portability of the first non MaST national clinical competence training with an agreed governance framework. The Systematic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) Passport was launched by the United Kingdom Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS) with support of Capital Nurse and Lead Nurses for Cancer in September 2017. Cheryl Samuels, Deputy Director of Workforce, Royal Free London has led the programme collectively with colleagues to automatically port completed SACT training from one trust to another alongside MaST training. The ability to record the SACT competence went live on Monday 18 February 2019.