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PoLCE policy update January 2019

PoLCE policy update helping deliver consistent, evidence-based care

As North London Partners (NLP), we are committed to improving patient outcomes and the quality of care every patient experiences.

Part of our work aims to ensure we have a consistent, evidence-based approach to delivering treatments across north central London (NCL). To do this, we have reviewed and updated the NCL PoLCE (Procedures of Limited Clinical Effectiveness) policy which has been in place since 2011.

The review process of the PoLCE policy involved several stages, during which we engaged with a significant number of clinicians from across NCL in order to maximise the involvement of subject experts.  This process will continue to inform future PoLCE reviews and updates.

We have also received feedback from residents that the current name for this policy isn’t easily understood or completely appropriate given the range of procedures covered. Therefore, we are going to be working with Healthwatch to agree the most appropriate name for this work when the policy is next updated.    

We know it will take time to implement the updated PoLCE policy and harmonise its operation across NCL. This will include standardising local operational processes across CCGs and providers. All members from our partner organisations are actively involved in the co-production and oversight of this work programme and its implementation. The steering group is chaired by Dr Josephine Sauvage, Clinical Sponsor for this programme of work.

We know communicating clearly with our residents on this work is going to be crucial and so have created dedicated pages on our website with more information.

For more information go to, PoLCE Review and update or email