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PoLCE review and update

Procedures of Limited Clinical Effectiveness (PoLCE)

In north central London (NCL) we are committed to making sure that services offer the best care possible care for local people and are delivered at the right time and in the most appropriate way. 

Review and update of policies relating to PoLCEs

PoLCE stands for Procedures of Limited Clinical Effectiveness. PoLCEs have been in place within the NHS for a long time and are regularly updated.

As part of our commitment to providing the best services, we are now reviewing and updating a policy which refers to a set of PoLCEs with the latest clinical evidence to ensure they are only offered to patients when we know they will work.  

Our review is evidence-based and aims to ensure the current NCL PoLCE policy is:

  • consistently applied across NCL
  • presented using clear language which is easy for clinicians to interpret
  • regularly reviewed
  • updated and reissued using the most up-to-date and validated evidence base
  • effectively and consistently communicated to health care professionals within NCL
  • an open and transparent process

We are committed to making sure that we offer the best care possible for local people. For more information, please email