North London Partners in health and care

Areas of work

Our plan has 13 different areas of focus. Each area (or workstream) has a senior responsible officer and a management support lead. The work to deliver the plan is being undertaken by staff working together across the partnership organisations.

Heath and care closer to home

Building health and care services near to where you live

Senior responsible officer- Tony Hoolaghan (Haringey and Islington CCGs)

Management support – Daniel Morgan (Islington CCG) 

Urgent and emergency care

Services you can rely on in an emergency

Senior responsible officer- Sarah Mansuralli (Camden CCG)

Management support – Jenni Frost (Islington CCG), Rebecca Jowett (Enfield CCG), Samit Shah (NHS England) 

Planned Care

Planning and delivering the care you need, when you need it and in the right setting

Senior responsible officer – Marcel Levi (University College London Hospital)

Management support – James Porter (Royal Free Hospital)

Mental Health 

Supporting people to stay mentally well and to recover from mental ill health and thrive

Senior responsible officer- Paul Jenkins (Tavistock & Portman)

Management support – Pippa Waddy (Camden CCG)


Helping people stay healthy and well

Senior responsible officer- Julie Billett (Islington Council)

Management support – Mubasshir Ajaz (Camden Council)


Helping people and families survive the impact of cancer

Senior responsible officer- Kathy Pritchard-Jones (London Cancer & UCLH Cancer Collaborative) and Dr Clare Stephens (Barnet CCG & NCL Cancer Board)

Management support – Nick Kirby (UCLH)


Giving mothers-to-be more choice and better support

Senior responsible officer- Rachel Lissauer (Haringey CCG)

Management support – Julie Juliff (Haringey CCG)


Giving Children and Young People the best start in life

Senior responsible officer- Jon Abbey (Haringey Council)

Management support – Kathryn Collin (Haringey CCG)


Harnessing the power of technology

Senior responsible officer- Sir David Sloman (Royal Free Hospital)

Management support – Cathy Kelly (UCLH)


Making the best use of the buildings we own and making sure they are fit for purpose

Senior responsible officer- Simon Goodwin (Chief Finance Officer for the five CCGs)

Management support – Neil Webster (Barnet Council)


Creating a caring and compassionate health and care workforce

Senior responsible officer- Maria Kane (BEH MHT)

Management support – Barry Letham (HEE) 


Delivering the best value for money

Senior responsible officer- Tim Jaggard (UCLH)

Management support – Stephen Davis (NHS Moorfields Eye Hospital)

Communications and Engagement

Involving local people as partners in health and care

Senior responsible officer- Paul Jenkins (Tavistock & Portman)

Management support – Gen Ileris (NCL STP PMO)

Further information on each these areas will be added soon